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Product Features Of Sweet Heart Apple

Jul 29, 2022

Taste: Fruity, sweet and thick, juicy and slag-free.

Appearance features:

1. Fruit surface: The fruit surface of Jiali fruit is smooth and delicate, and the fruit points are faintly visible. The surface of the mainland red Fuji apple is rough, and there is a clear sense of friction when you touch it with your hands!

2. Bright color, slightly yellow color. Inland red Fuji color red, matt!

3. The pulp is delicate, the color of the flesh is slightly yellow, the taste is strong after chewing, and there is basically no residue. In the mainland, the pulp is loose, the fruit is light, the water is insufficient, and the flesh is pale!

4. The transparent core, commonly known as "sugar heart", is a sign that distinguishes the red Fuji apples from other origins!

Sweet heart apple1