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Five Species Of Peaches

Jul 20, 2022

Northern peach varieties: the top of the fruit is sharp and protruding, the suture is deep; the tree shape is straight; the proportion of medium and short fruit branches is large. Drought-resistant and cold-resistant, harvested from May to December. Mainly distributed in North China, Northwest China and Central China.

Southern peach species group: the top of the fruit is round and blunt, the pulp is soft and juicy; the crown is developed; usually long branches bear fruit; the flower buds are mostly compound buds. The drought resistance and cold resistance are slightly weaker than those of the northern varieties. Mainly distributed in East China, Southwest China and South China.

Yellow-fleshed peach varieties: The peel and pulp are golden yellow, and the flesh is firm and firm, suitable for processing and canning. There are more cultivations in Northwest and Southwest China, but less in North and East China.

Pan peach species group: the fruit is flat, the ends are concave; the crown is developed, the branches are short and dense; the flowers are many, and the yield is high. Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the most cultivated, and less in North China and Northwest China.

Nectarine species group: The outer surface of the fruit is hairless. Produced in the northwestern provinces, especially in Xinjiang and Gansu.